Legalization, Apostille

The UAE and many countries of the Middle East are not part of the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents; they do not recognize the apostille. This means that notarized foreign documents must be legalized by the respective foreign authentications office and subsequently authenticated by the UAE consulate in that country. Afterwards that authentication is confirmed by the Foreign Ministry in the UAE.

This procedure will take about two weeks. In addition it can be a very  expensive process since the UAE does not only charge by document but also by content . The legalization of a university degree might cost USD 25; however the charge for the legalization of a corporate document of a BVI company might be in the range of USD 1,000 by the UAE consulate and subsequently an additional USD 600 by the Foreign Ministry in the UAE. In certain cases, the legalization by another Arab country, which does not have these high charges, might be accepted by the officials in the UAE. Therefore, it is important to verify beforehand what kind of legalization will be accepted.